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This Is Your Chance To Follow A National Hunt Specialist

As you know, we proof a lot of potential services & only a very small percentage of those get invited to come on-board. We are very strict & most just don’t make the grade

The ones that do are usually professional punters who are really struggling to get on & the person we would like to introduce you to today has been experiencing that exact same problem for quite some time.

As frustrating as it is for them, their frustration is your gain though, as this means that YOU end up getting the chance to get your hands on all their bets.

Having personally proofed his bets for the past 4 months & having seen his results for the 9 months prior to that as well, it came as no surprise to us that he finds it almost impossible to get a decent bet on anymore.

April 82.33 pts Profit
May 77.25 pts Profit
June 60.32 pts Profit
July 108.85 pts Profit

To Just £25 Level Stakes
That’s £2058 in April, £1931 in May, £1508 in June
& £2721 in July 



He concentrates on just one meeting a day & will have a maximum of 3 bets a day at that meeting. 

He does get bits of info from some of the top yards every now & then, but the way he has been able to make such huge profits each & every month for many years has been using his own speed figures & sectional timings.

By using this method, not only has he been able to back many, many winners, it has also enabled him to know which horse’s will NOT win & therefore making even more profits by laying them on the exchanges.

You will see below that during the last 4 months he has had 17 lay bets & 14 of them were successful !!

Since we began we have made it our mission to provide you with nothing but THE best in
horse racing betting information & we truly believe that with this National Hunt specialist
we have found you the best yet.

With his individual style & approach to betting no one else has come close to his results &
it is an honour to be able to give our members the opportunity to be part of what he does.

The normal membership cost is £36 a month. Please contact us for deals of 3+ months

Full Results For April – July 2019 Below


July 2018 – March 2019

Previous results prior to our proofing, authenticated by an independent authourity