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Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I’ve just completed my first month with 4TP and have made 162 points profit! At £10 a point that’s…WTF !!!!


What a run. U guys are on fire. Im on 1500 pound already and yet again smashing tnite.
Well done to you both. Awesome u really are !!!


Un-real today again!! Top tipping this boss!! Massive day tomorrow!! BOOOOOOM


Absolutely smashed it yet again Andy !!!! Massive thanks !!! Christmas here we come


Smashing it a week in And had about 5 out of 7 winners horses and massive odds……58/1 double


Thanks iv been with them 2 days and iv won both days sat on 266 atm so all good


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Meaning we are always able to deliver the best & most reliable information to all our clients throughout their membership.

So you want winning betting tips?

How about if we offered you the chance to bet alongside an organisation backed with a decade of success and experience in betting, UK horse racing betting tips and betting consultancy?

We specialise in UK horse racing betting tips and have just teamed up with the UK’s number one greyhound tipster. With 4ThePunters you are betting with professional punters.

As with all professional punters, there are no safety nets, you simply have to win.

Less than 1% of punters actually win. There is a common perception that “The bookie always wins.” In 99% of cases that is correct, however you can now join the one percent club and be a winning punter!

To win at betting is possibly the hardest thing to achieve, whether you are betting on horse racing or greyhounds. Hard work and more hard work is required.

With 4ThePunters you will be working along-side a team who never stop working on your behalf

If you want to start making good money from betting on horse racing you have two choices, one, you use your time to constantly research results & watch recordings of past races, keeping notes as you watch.

Build up a reliable network of contacts you can actually trust, which involves spending time at the gallops in the morning & doing a lot of networking at race-meetings. Make sure you keep plenty of records of ratings & compile your own book for each race to make sure you are getting value.

OR you sign up to a service who have been in the racing world for a long time & built up a long lasting relationship with their clients offering a service based on trust.
A service which, year after year, has consistently provided it’s clients with profitable horse racing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So how many bets can I expect to receive from you a month?

A: It does vary to be honest, but on our premium service you will receive an email every evening outlining any bets we have for the following days racing. On average we have 2 bets a day, sometimes more & sometimes less.

Q: Do you bet odds on?
A: Very, very rarely. It’s quite possible that a horse we advise gets backed into odds on & on the odd occassion horses have been slight odds on. But most horses we advise are over 2/1. As well as getting the information, we always make sure we are getting value too.

Q: How long have you been involved in betting on horse racing for?
A: We have been involved in racing for over 20 years & the consultancy side of it for about 15 years. Our days are mainly spent either attending one of the various meetings around the country, having meetings with contacts or catching up with things at our offices.

Q: Why bother tipping if you win anyway?
A: The most popular & frequent question we get asked. It’s simple, because we enjoy it. It’s a business & we love the business. We feel so lucky that day in day out we get to be involved in something that we love, betting on horse racing. We are very grateful, as we know not many people can say that about their job & to be able to share that with our clients so they are able to win as well, that is just fantastic.

Q: Do you have any offers or free trials?
A: Free trials, no I’m afraid not. But we always have regular offers on members, any specials we do are never just for ‘new customers only’. We believe in rewarding loyalty & always offer members lower rates on renewals etc..

If you have any questions for us that maybe we haven’t covered here, feel free to get in touch using the contact page.

Free Tips, News & Updates
We respect your email privacy.

We can not be held responsible for any losses incurred from the use of information supplied. Past results are not a guarantee of future results.