How To Whitelist Our Emails

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How To Make Sure Our Emails Reach You

Following The Steps Below Should Ensure That Emails From Us Are Delivered Straight To Your Correct Inbox

Log on and click the “Mail” tab to get into your mailbox
Choose “Settings” (at the top right and shown as a ‘cog’ icon)
Click “View full settings” at the bottom of the right hand column
Then select “Email” and “Junk e-Mail,” scroll down to “Safe senders”
In the space provided, enter “horsetips4thepunters” and click “Add”
Do the same again for ‘4thepunters’

Open your Yahoo mailbox
Choose “Settings” in the top right corner
Choose “More Settings” at the bottom of the right hand column
Choose “Filters”
Enter a “Filter name”
Under “Set Rules”, ensure the “From” field “contains” is selected in the pull-down menu
Enter ‘horsetips4thepunters’ in the text box below
Under “Choose a folder to move to” select “Inbox” from the “Select Folder” pull-down menu
Click “Save” to save this new filter
Do the same again for ‘4thepunters’

Please add the following e-mail addresses to your contacts list 
Choose “Contacts” (right hand side)
Choose “New Contact” (left hand side)
In the “Email,” field enter the addresses listed below

If for any reason, you do find our mail in your Spam box, you can use Gmail’s “Not Spam” button to unmark misclassified mail.

You may also find that Gmail has moved our emails to your Promotions folder. Whilst this is technically your inbox, our email will not necessarily show within your main folder. By adding our address to your contacts list, this should ensure our emails go straight to your inbox.