The Bookies Enemy

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There’s Someone We’d Like To Introduce You To….

♦ The Scourge Of The Bookies
♦ He’s Taken Millions Off Them
♦ The Man Behind Many Successful Gambles

Having been featured in the press & various other media, we’ve been trying to get him for the past 5 years.
Eventually he finally agreed to talks.

All the recent affordability checks etc.. that have been put in place means he can no longer get on the amounts he wants. He needs new accounts opened by different people every week & that’s just not as easy anymore.

Why not quit, call it a day & enjoy all the winnings?   NO! he said, very determined.  That would mean they’ve won, I’ll give up when I decide, I’ve not finished yet!

He’s 100% a man on a mission & has been for years. Some would say a mission that he’s accomplished twenty times over, but no. As he said, he’s not finished yet!

The Deal’s Been Done

And after a long meeting last week & another one yesterday, the deals been done.
A large some of money has now changed hands & we’re getting his bets for the next 12 weeks.
12 Weeks to start with, that will give you a good period of time to see what he does & build up a decent bank.

We’ve Sorted You a Massive Deal For These

He has NEVER made his bets available to the public before.

If he had you’d have had to pay him ££££’s weekly or place a large sum on each horse for him.

But as we have lots of members that we know will want these, just as we do ourselves. We’re able to spread that cost for you. So you get them for a minimal outlay.

This is an EXCLUSIVE price for anyone who joins us for the 12 weeks NOW!

Anyone joining afterwards will have to pay full price

Get 12 Weeks For Just…

£499.00    £48.00

You Will Not Want To Miss These!